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  • FarmAndFight coming back the 10th on July


    FarmAndFight V3 was closed at the end of May becauses somes features was unavailable like a pvp gamemode.

    We decided to make this decision to improve it and to give you the best use experience we could give you.

    The server is going to reopen the 10th of july with the vision that we wanted to give its as soon ...

    Le 30/06/2020 at 00h18 Read more »
  • Early access to the server

    Would you like to be able to play to FarmAndFight server from April 8th ?

    discover new features of the V3 2 days before everyone else ?

    In this case you can buy the Beta pass directly from the shop for 5 points.

    After this period, the server will be accessible for free to all players from April 12th.

    Le 10/03/2020 at 14h12 Read more »
  • Farm And Fight trailer is out

    Hello, everybody,
    I'm writing this article to tell you about the FarmAndFight V3 trailer just released on Youtube!

    We invite you to take a tour :D!

    Have a nice day

    Gabiplayzs, FarmAngFight Admin and Founder.

    Le 04/03/2020 at 13h34 Read more »
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